SHANGHAI, China, Mar. 11, 2016 — Montage Technology Group Limited (“Montage”), a global fabless provider of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor solutions for the home entertainment and cloud computing markets, attended JEDEC Solid State Technology Association Committee Meetings at Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao on March 7-11, 2016.

JEDEC ( is the leading developer of standards for the microelectronics industry. The publications and standards they generated are accepted throughout the world. There were 6 major committees with more than 15 subcommittees that met during the week, discussing the development of related standards for interface technologies, digital logic, memory devices, memory modules, multi-chip packages, and embedded cards and modules. During this meeting, the JEDEC committees created standards that are used in virtually every computer and consumer electronic device worldwide from data center servers to smart phones.

Montage Technology is a member of all committees and has been elected by JEDEC members as the chairman of two main committees: JC-40 Digital Logic and JC-42 Memory Devices. Montage is active in JEDEC standards development and is a leading provider of industry-standard memory logic devices used in data center servers and other computer products worldwide.

Montage Technology held a JEDEC Party on March 9, 2016 on the 4th floor of Bund 22, Shanghai, attracting almost all of the JEDEC members. The location included a stunning view of Shanghai Pudong at night to the enjoyment of all the attendees, allowing them to relax and enjoy themselves outside of the meetings. Dr. Howard Yang, chairman and CEO of Montage Technology, delivered the welcome speech.

“I’m glad to have this opportunity to hold the party and invite so many industry elites to be gathering here. Eight years ago, when we held the same party for the first time, Montage was just a newcomer to the JEDEC family. Now Montage has become an active member in the JEDEC committees and grown up to a global leading vendor in the memory interface industry with full range of solutions covering DDR2 to DDR4”, said Dr. Howard Yang, “Thank you for joining us in the party again. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Shanghai night”.

Meanwhile, as a founding and Board member of UFSA (Universal Flash Storage Association) and a member of all UFSA committees, Montage Technology also participated in the UFSA meetings at Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao on March 11, 2016. UFSA ( is an open Trade Association providing logo, compliance and certification management as well as promoting widespread industry acceptance and enablement of the UFS standard. UFS is the next-generation mobile storage technology that has been adopted in the flagship smart phones by Samsung, LG and Xiaomi. The technology is expected to receive wider adoption in 2016.

About Montage Technology

Montage Technology is a global fabless provider of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor solutions currently addressing the home entertainment and cloud computing markets. In the home entertainment market, Montage’s technology platform enables the company to design highly integrated end-to-end solutions with customized software for set-top boxes. These solutions optimize signal processing performance under demanding operating conditions typically found in emerging market environments. In the cloud computing market, Montage offers high performance, low power memory interface solutions that enable memory intensive server applications. Its technology platform approach allows Montage to provide integrated solutions that meet the expanding needs of customers through continuous innovation, efficient design and rapid product development.
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