Austin, TX  –  April 7, 2016  – The Universal Flash Storage Association (UFSA) today announced the release of a Universal Flash Storage (UFS) Compliance Test Matrix (CTM).  The CTM provides UFS suppliers and users a clear definition of which JEDEC- and MIPI-defined tests are needed to demonstrate compliance with the UFS specification and ensure interoperability with other UFS designs.  By eliminating redundant tests, the CTM will significantly reduce the time and cost of testing UFS products without compromising test quality.

Release of the CTM is the first step towards a full industry certification and logo program for UFS.  This program will become critically important as UFS cards enter the retail market where consumers expect that a UFS card will automatically be compatible with their electronic device.  Embedded UFS chips are already delivering high bandwidth and low power storage in premium consumer electronics.  UFS cards will provide the same benefits to a wider range of products including smartphones and tablets, as well as sophisticated wearables and digital cameras.

“We are very pleased to have set in place the cornerstone for a full-fledged certification program for UFS products, whether they are high-density external memory cards or embedded memory storage,” said Perry Keller, UFSA Board member and Compliance Committee Chair.  “UFSA is putting its full weight behind this push for interoperability, which is especially important for UFS memory cards, standardized by JEDEC last week.”

“MIPI M-PHY and MIPI UniPro are key parts of the UFS specification.  While these specifications have historically been implemented as embedded technologies, users will now be able to take advantage of the enhanced performance offered by UFS in a removable memory card form factor. The timing is right for a concerted effort by the industry to ensure interoperability for UFS worldwide,” said Peter Lefkin, Managing Director of the MIPI Alliance.  “Consumers want the reassurance that their memory cards can be used in virtually any digital device, and OEMs want the same for the consumer electronics they design with the world’s fastest interfaces and most efficient embedded memory.  We are pleased to work with both JEDEC and UFSA to collaborate on this important specification,” he added.

To ensure the correct tests were identified for the matrix, CTM development was undertaken by the UFSA in coordination with the MIPI Alliance.  The UFSA will make the CTM available to the entire industry, free of charge.  As underlying JEDEC UFS and MIPI Alliance specifications evolve, the CTM will be updated to reflect those changes.  The CTM is available for download at

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About UFSA
The Universal Flash Storage Association (UFSA) was founded in 2010 as an open Trade Association to promote widespread adoption and acceptance of the UFS standard.  UFSA’s primary mission includes the promotion of UFS technology and infrastructure along with providing product compliance and UFS logo certification management.   UFSA also provides valuable input back to JEDEC for future specification development.  Current Board members include Keysight Technologies, Micron Technology, Montage Technology, Phison Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Silicon Motion Technology, and SK Hynix. More information can be found at

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