Colorado Springs, Colorado, September 5, 2017 – Protocol Insight announces the availability of the Falcon v1.4 SW/FW with enhanced UFS test, debug and analysis capabilities, including a new UFS Events window and Trace Validation Builder for UFS. With this release Protocol Insight is also announcing availability of a solder-down probe supporting x1 and x2 UniPro links.

UFS Events view displays events on the UniPro link in a unique time-aligned display, allowing the engineer to easily see all UFS protocol events occurring in the complete trace, while drilling down to the time slice around the UFS packet of interest.

Low level information provided by UFS Events view include Speed, Packet Index, Packet timestamp and duration, and Request and Response packet times.

UFS Trace Validation Builder allows the user to construct complex multi-state search criteria to analyze a trace algorithmically without user intervention. The Falcon software library provides pre-defined Trace Validation tests for the user to analyze UFS traffic for any deviations from the UFS specification or any other abnormalities of interest to the engineer. Or the user can use UFS Trace Validation Builder to create custom Trace Validation tests from scratch or from existing tests in the Falcon software library.
Pricing, configuration and availability:
The Falcon G300/G350 series UFS/UniPro Exerciser/Analyzer instruments are shipping now. Contact [email protected] for pricing information or to request a demo.
About Protocol Insight:
Protocol Insight ( offers test and measurement software tools to customers who are developing products for the mobile computing market, and consulting and design services to engineers implementing serial protocol interfaces.

Protocol Insight is a MIPI expert, with a background in both D-PHY and M-PHY protocol exercisers and analyzers. Protocol Insight contributes to the development of the UniPro standard thru the UniPro and Test Working Groups, and serves as Liaison between MIPI and JEDEC and UFSA.
About UFSA
The Universal Flash Storage Association (UFSA) was founded in 2010 as an open trade association to promote widespread adoption and acceptance of the UFS standard. Board of Director members include Keysight Technologies, Micron Technology, Montage Technology, Phison Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Silicon Motion Technology, SK Hynix and Tuxera. For more information about UFSA:
About the MIPI Alliance
The MIPI Alliance is a global, collaborative organization comprised of companies that span the mobile ecosystem and are committed to defining and promoting interface specifications for mobile devices.

The MIPI® Alliance is a non-profit corporation that operates as an open membership organization. All companies in the mobile device industry are encouraged to join, including semiconductor companies, software vendors, IP providers, peripheral manufacturers, test labs and end product OEMs. Today, more than 250 member companies actively participate in the Alliance, developing interface specifications which drive consistency in processor and peripheral interfaces, promoting reuse and compatibility in mobile devices.

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