Enablement and Compliance

Establish a “Culture of Compliance” that ensures the quality and value of the UFS logo:

  • Makes achieving UFS logo certification the key measure of quality and ultimate goal of UFS product developers.
  • Ties logo certification to passing a clearly documented set of tests verifying correct implementation of the UFS spec and assuring interoperability with other UFS products.
  • Establishes a clear, fair and economical way for UFS products to be evaluated for compliance, provides confidential feedback useful for fixing problems and opportunity for re-evaluation of products.
  • Facilitates continuous improvement of the compliance and enablement process and the UFS specification itself.

Enablement Initiatives:

  • Robust standards
    Active in JEDEC to develop open standard
  • UFS brand stewardship and management
    Logo development, marketing, licensing
    Broad partnerships with organizations/companies that connect our membership to the end user
  • Compliance and interoperability assurance
    Compliance program leading to logo approval
    Certification and licensing of ATCs
    Management of interop and compliance plugfests
    Active in JEDEC to deploy open test specifications
  • Startup assistance for system and module/device suppliers
    Seminars and tutorials
    Design kits and reference implementations
    Application information
  • Education and awareness (supporters and consumers)
    Developer forums, e-seminars, special interest groups, web
  • Stewardship of UFS
    Responsive to dynamic market and technical environment
    Drive evolution of standard and industry enablement programs
    Forward looking initiatives as UFS capability expands to mass storage applications