UFSA Website Administration Documentation

Change a Member’s membership level

  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard –> Members –> (member name)
  • Click on “edit
  • In the right column under the heading “Members“, check the appropriate checkbox and uncheck the incorrect checkbox
  • Click Update to save the changes.

Adding a new Press Release or Blog Post

  • Log in to the WordPress Administration site:
  • In the left column click on Posts –> Add New
  • Add the post title in the first block, and add the post text in the main block below it. I use the Word Document to copy the text from, but I use the PDF if I need any specific graphics or if I need to verify how it was supposed to look.
  • I also go through the document and hyperlink any URL’s or email addresses using the tools in the toolbar (the link tool looks like a chain) to make them easily clickable.
  • Set the Publish date in the right column, by default it is “Publish Immediately” but if you need it to be published at a specific time (in the future or past) you can edit that there.
  • When you’re ready to go click the “Publish” button in the right column.

Adding New Pages

  • Log in to the WordPress Administration site:
  • In the left column click on Pages –> Add New
  • Add the page title, set the page slug (URL) to what you want, and add the page content.
  • In the right column set the Parent to Members Area and choose an appropriate template (Probably Secure Page Template – Two Column)
  • In the Custom Fields section set up a new custom field with the name access_control and set it’s value to BOARD,ADMIN if you want it available for Board Members and Administrators for example. Available options are: ADOPTER, CONTRIBUTOR, BOARD and ADMIN. Include all that you want to have access with no space after the comma.
  • Click Publish or Update to save the page.

Adding the page to the Members Navigation menu

  • Click on Appearance –> Widgets
  • In the right column look for Members Area Navigation and open that
  • Open PHP Code: Members Menu
  • You’ll see raw HTML in there, what you’ll see is that Members navigation menu code, it starts with the Calendars and Logout section, then on to Adopter Menu, Contributor Menu, and down to Board Menu, the one you needed to edit. I simply duplicated the “Members Area Documentation” menu item, renamed it to templates, and updated it’s URL to point to the new Templates page.
  • Click the Save button and load up the Members site, the new page shows up in the menu and I verified it works.

Editing Page Content

  • Log in to the WordPress Administration site:
  • In the left column click on Pages
  • Select which page you would like to edit and click on it’s title.
  • Make changes to the page and click Update when you’re finished.
  • Your updated page is now live on the site. You can click the View Page button near the top to view the updated page.

To add a new member logo to the Home Page Slideshow:

  • The first step is creating the image for the slideshow. Current logos are 270px square on a white background.
  • Open the highest quality image you have in an image editor such as Photoshop
    Resize the image so that the longest size is 270px wide or tall.
  • If it’s in Photoshop, then select Image –> Canvas Size and set it to 270px by 270px with a white background.
  • With your new image, Save for Web or Export and select png or jpg, an save it with a filename with no spaces.
  • Log in to the WordPress Administration Dashboard
  • In the left column select Tools –> Upload Files
  • Click the Browse button to locate that file on your computer.
    Choose Manual Path from the Destination list of radio buttons
    In the Manual Path box type or paste: wp-content/uploads/member_logos/
  • Click the Upload button
  • The image will now automatically be added to the slideshow in alphabetical order wit the rest of the companies.

To add a new member to the Members List:

  • For this logo, create it to be 200px wide (someday we should really make these bigger, but for now they are all 200px), and it doesn’t need to be converted to the square format. I have these set up to have 200px of space below each logo in the list, so they shouldn’t crowd too closely together.
  • Log in to the WordPress Dashboard
  • Click on Members then Add New
  • Add the company name in the Title field
  • In the Custom Field section, select URL in the left select box, and enter the companies web site address in the Value field.
  • Under the Members section in the right sidebar, choose if they are a Board Member, Contributor or Adopter.
  • Select Set Featured Image in the right column and select your newly created (not necessarily square) image
  • Click Publish
  • Now go visit the Members List to see how it looks

To edit the widget settings (how fast they fade, etc.) :

  • Log in to WordPress Administration: https://ufsa.org/wp-admin
  • Click on Appearance in the left column, then click on Widgets
  • In the right column click the triangle to open Home Page Right Top Area
  • Click on the triangle to open Smart Slideshow Widget: Members

Adding Files to pages such as the Resources page

  • PDF’s are great for the file type, I renamed each of the files to replace the spaces with underscores.
  • Log in to http://ufsa.org/wp-admin/
  • In the black bar at the top of the page hover over Universal Flash Storage Assocation and click on Dashboard
  • In the left column click on Pages
  • Click on the Resources page (it’s on the second page of the list of all pages on the site)
  • I placed the cursor at the very top of the page in the editor and hit Return a few times to make some space.
  • Then I clicked Add Media just above the edit box, then click on the Upload Files tab and uploaded one of the new files.
  • Next would be deciding how to format the links. For now I’ve just created a bullet list and adjusted the names a bit.

Adding Thumbnails for PDF files on the Resources page

Adding file download links in the Members Area

  • Log in to WordPress
  • Click on Groups –> Files in the left sidebar
  • Click New File at the top
  • Click the Browse button to locate the file on your computer and upload it.
  • In the Name field give it a reader friendly name (without the underscores, dashes, file extensions, etc.).
  • You can add a description if you want, I didn’t add any descriptions at this time.
  • Under Groups click the boxes for which group levels should have access to download it. I selected Adopter, Contributor, Board, and Admin for these first files.
  • Click the Add button to save it.
  • Back on the Files list, make note of the ID # of the file you want to add to the website.

Now, we want to add this new file to the list of files available for download, to do that:

  • Click on Pages –> Members Area
  • Scroll down until you see a section that includes several lines that look like:
  • Duplicate one of those lines and paste in another copy, insert the new ID number for the file you want to add. Click Save.

Your new file should now be listed on the members page:


Even if someone gets the URL to the file, if they’re not logged in they will not be able to view or download it 🙂

Updating/Editing Sidebar Widgets

You can edit those or their content by visiting Dashboard –> Appearance –> Widgets or clicking this link:


Look for the Sidebar widget, and you’ll see the two PHP Code widgets with their content. You can update those existing widgets, their text, or drop new widgets in to the sidebar.